Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to MPF?

Navigate to - see Plans

Once signed up, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes, for the first time. Once logged in - You will be prompted to sign into your bank of choice, once signed in, it may take 1 hour for your data to sync. Your data will re-sync 3 times per day.

What if I need help during sign up?

Please feel free to contact us here.

Can I backup my data for local access?

Yes. In most areas of MPF your data is downloadable as a CSV file.

Can I share transaction data?

Yes. You have the ability to share transacton data via Email. For more information, please consult our Knowledge Base once logged in.

What are Achievements?

Achievements are golden badges to symbolise certain MPF and Financial Milestones. You can view yours on your myProfile page, once logged in.

What subscription plans are available for MPF?

MPF standard subscription plans are monthly. However, certain bulk subscription options are available. Please contact us here.

How do I pay for my subscriptions?

Please see our Payment Policy:

How do I upgrade my MPF Plan?

You can upgrade your account through your PayPal settings under myBilling in your Profile.

What happens if I cancel my MPF subscription?

You may cancel at anytime. Once cancelled, your account will remain active until the next month billing end date. Any remaining account balance will then be refunded. Your account will then be disabled and marked for deletion in 30 days.

How do I cancel my MPF subscription?

You can cancel your subscription through your Advanced Settings and logging a Cancellation Request (or Deleting your account). Your cancellation will then be handled by one of our friendly team members - your cancellation date will be from the time/date of Cancellation Request/Account Deletion. Alternatively, if you have subscribed using a PayPal account, you can disable auto billing through settings. For more information regarding PayPal, please visit

What happens if I delete my MPF account?

Your subscription is cancelled and in 30 days your account and data are completely removed.

How do I re-activate my account?

If your deletion period of 30 days is still active, you may re-activate your account by emailing with your account number.

What security measures do MPF utilise?

- MPF uses high grade SSL encryption
- High level login security
- Secure Bank data connections
- Secure Data Hosting
- Data loss prevention

Who owns the data?

Ownership of the data always remains with the person who subscribed to MPF.

Where will my data be stored?

All data is kepted and stored inside Australia.

Do I need a MPF subscription to access bank feeds?

Yes. A MPF subscription gives you access to bank feeds. This includes unlimited bank accounts and transactions, in accordance with our fair use policy.

How secure are bank feeds, how do they work?

MPF asks for your permission on your first login to set up your first bank transaction feed. Your credentials are securely handled by our industry compliant open banking platform provider. Your data is then retrived from your bank of choice and copied to the MPF database where it is locked to your account. Once an account is deleted, all of this data is destroyed.

How do I manage my bank feeds?

You can manage your bank feeds and add new accounts at any time using the Manage Bank Feeds option in your myProfile page.

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