MPF - Fair Use

myPortableFinance is a multi-tenanted SaaS platform. We strive to maintain a stable and functional user experience. There are no additional costs when myPortableFinance is used reasonably however the long-term provision of myPortableFinance requires that our service remains profitable.

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) is designed to prevent improper use that may compromise network storage, traffic, bandwidth, processing resources, email transmission (including reputation), sms transmission, database load, or API load including CPU time, memory use and queue length across all myPortableFinance services.

When defining acceptable use, we take into consideration:

- The reasonable processes and requirements involved in completing a task
- Your use against the average of all clients accessing our services
- The current rates required to maintain these services.

We proactively monitor our infrastructure so if we detect behaviour that is outside our expected range, we may deem that it violates this Policy. If this happens, and before we act, or immediately after we act in urgent situations, we’ll contact you directly to discuss the situation and review possible alternatives.

Actions we take may include but not be restricted to:

- Limit the amount of data you can store
- Limit the bandwidth available to you
- Limit the processing resources available to you
- Limit the number of emails/sms you can send/receive
- Limit the number of bank feeds available
- Limit the number of API calls available

Unlimited access to our services beyond this Policy is negotiable at additional rates that ensure the continued provision of stable and profitable resources.

The values below have been provided as a practical guide to assist in interpreting acceptable use as part of this Policy. If you believe your expected usage will exceed these limits and risk violating this Policy, we encourage you to contact us beforehand at to discuss your requirements.


Web or mobile logins (1 at 1 time, each time you sign in, you are signed out of everywhere else. This is for your security and our resources)


1 image, limit of 7MB per image (per transaction)

Bank Feeds

3 Bank Feed refresh cycles (every 24hours)
Please note - Bank Feed transactions may take up to 72 hours be visible in myPortableFinance